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Your "Beetle Babe" is the greatest girl ever since long time. She's soooo naturally and sweet!
John Mango

Wow, what a movie: the Sweet Battery Sucker ist the most famous video I ever seen. The beautiful girl drive the old Skoda til the battery dies. Congratulations to pedaltube for this hot cranking movie

H. (Germany)

Thank you for all Czech or Slovak girls and wonderful Skoda cars

Petr (Czechia)

your stuff makes me crazy!

R.Bouldes (France)

damn good stuff, i love your kickstart clips!

Peter G. (UK)

thank you for Fiat 600 girls !
Jon Henning (NZ)

very realistic movies !
F. Butcher (USA)

Lissy I love you !!!!.
zbigniew S. (Poland)

Fiat rulez - best moviez ! .
Jeremy (USA)

You have the most lovable models of the World
Richie Burne (USA)

Nice girls, nice site, i like it.
Peter (UK)

its wonderful like always. What about czech cars?
Vlado (Czechia)

Lissy is so cute, thank you for that movie!
Bernard (Scotland)

Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es sowas überhaupt gibt.
Martin F. (Germany)

Nice, very nice, I love your movies
Huan Li (China)

This is really awesome!
G. Charisteas (Greek)


Brake Failure - Bremsen versagen

When Amy recently broke up with her boyfriend, he began stalking her. He then decides to get back at her for braking up with him. One day, while she was shopping at the mall, the ex boyfriend approached her car and tampered with her brakes. Later, when Amy was done shopping for the day, she heads back to her car unaware of what was done to it. As she drives down the highway, she discovers she has no brakes. Things get worse when she discovers the handbrake doesn't work either. She is wearing a red sweater, capri pants, and platform slides.
  Title: Brake Failure - Bremsen versagen
  Category: Brake failure
  Vehicle: American Car
  Actress: Amy
  Publisher: Gremlin Studios
  Weather: springtime 19 degrees celsius
  Length: approx 2:40 min.
  Filesize: 7,11 MB wmv
  Coins: 30
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